Graduate Program

Graduate Program

¿Te gustaría esperar al futuro o construirlo?

Somos Prysmian Group, líder mundial en diseño y fabricación de cables,  y nuestra gente es la fuerza motriz de nuestro negocio.
"Build the Future" es nuestro emocionante programa internacional de jóvenes profesionales.

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¿Por qué elegir Prysmian?

Con alrededor de 30.000 empleados, activos en 50 países, nuestro especialización en energía y telecomunicaciones nos sitúa en el centro de industrias, productos y experiencias cotidianas. 

Nuestros cables forman la infraestructura que la gente necesita para hacer que las cosas sucedan, desde la distribución de energía, hasta las últimas fibras ópticas de Internet, ayudamos a las comunidades a obtener lo que necesitan para prosperar.

Graduate 2

We're searching for graduates keen to pursue a business management or technical career.


To apply for the program, you'll need a Degree in one of the following fields:

  • Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology or be currently working towards one;

  • Business Administration, Economics or Finance or be currently working towards one.

We also expect you to:

  • have had an outstanding university career, with experience abroad;

  • have graduated not more than 18 months ago;

  • be able to speak fluent English (a second language is preferential title)

  • be willing and ready to live overseas for 2 years, experiencing new cultures and work environments;

  • demonstrate strong communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Graduate 3

Program overview

Build the Future is our exciting international Graduate Program that provides complete immersion in the business, right from the start. It offers:

  • a permanent contract with a highly competitive salary
  • induction training at our Milan HQ by a top Business School
  • a mentor to assist you in your learning and development goals
  • job rotation in R&D, Operations and Sales dept in home country
  • warm up period in the home country for your upcoming international assignment role
  • international assignment within a multicultural environment
  • technical or junior managerial appointment at the end of the Program

Graduate 4 - Accordion

Our exciting Graduate Program

Our business success is not just the result of our strong technologies and products but is driven by our employees' commitment and performance. Our employees are rewarded based on their performance and leadership skills and we challenge ourselves to find the best way to reward them through innovative and sustainable compensation programs fostering internal pay equity and external competitiveness.


After your local on boarding and induction, you will spend 2 weeks in our head office in Milan Italy. You will receive a great overview of the company and of local businesses, meet our Group CEO, get to grips with our products and technology, discover how our operations and customer relationship teams work together and you’ll even get a tour of one of our factories. Furthermore, after two years in the program, you will return to Milan and participate in different business games with senior managers.  Thanks to our partnership with SDA Bocconi, you’ll also attend a session on Management Skills fundamentals.

To get a true feel for the business, you will have the chance to work in a number of roles in your home country.  You will experience a 3 month country or regional R&D rotation, working with the product technology team, 3 months in Operations and 3 months in Customer Relations all in your home country. Whilst undertaking this rotation you will be working on a personal project to help learn more about the kind of roles you’d be best suited for. 

You will be given the opportunity to do a "warm up" period of 3 months working in the role of your international job assignment, but within your home country. This will help to prepare you for the next 2 years of international placement.

Having spent a year getting to know the business on a local level and enjoying the 3 month "warm up" period for your new international role, you will get the chance to expand your work and cultural experience overseas. You will be embarking on a 2 years international placement in either Sales, Operations, R&D or a Staff function. The Graduate Committee is responsible for the allocation of the roles and regions that you are placed in. Your performance over the course of your time with us will be evaluated per the P3 - Prysmian People Performance system and the outcomes and a range of options discussed with you.

Finally, your experience abroad and your business understanding will prepare you to take on a Technical or Junior management role, either in your home country or overseas.

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