Successfully completed the Çanakkale II Submarine Cable Link Project in Turkey

Successfully completed the Çanakkale II Submarine Cable Link Project in Turkey

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09 Jun 2017

After completing the installation of Çanakkale II Submarine Cable Link, Prysmian Group performed the tests of the project, which was successfully commissioned and energized last April at a ceremony attended by the customer TEİAŞ, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation, one of the largest among the ENTSO-E members.  

On December 2014, Prysmian Group was awarded the €64 million contract by TEIAS for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the HV submarine cables interconnection with a double circuit  380kV from S/S Lapseki 2 to S/S Sütlüce 2  between Europe and Asia across the Dardanelles strait in Turkey.

The project plays a strategic role in completing Turkey’s power transmission grid and ensuring reliable and cost-effective power flow from the Asian generation sites to the country’s European main consumption centres, including the congested Istanbul area, and closing the ring around the Marmara Sea.

This second double circuit link across the Dardanelles strait complements the existing double circuit interconnection that Prysmian Group executed a few kilometres away under the first contract awarded by TEIAS in September 2012 and commissioned in August 2015

Prysmian Group Turkey Contracts Group Director Faik Kürkçü provided the following facts about the project: “As in the Çanakkale I Project of TEİAŞ, the link has a double 400 kV AC power transmission circuit with a rating of 1000 MW for each circuit. For the project route spanning approximately 4.1km under the sea, six power cables XLPE, 1x1600mm2, and two submarine fiber optic cables were laid with maximum sea depth of 90 meters. Circuits were completed by 1.5 km of underground power cables (XLPE, 1x2000mm2)  in total. The submarine power cables and underground power cables used in the project were interconnected at water level landfalls with special sea/land transition joints produced by Prysmian.”

The 400 kV XLPE insulated submarine cables were manufactured at Prysmian Group’s Pikkala plant, in Finland, while the installation was performed by Cable Enterprise under the management of Prysmian Powerlink and supported of Türk Prysmian Kablo for all the land activities.