Prysmian will supply optical fibre to Tratos Cavi SPA

Prysmian will supply optical fibre to Tratos Cavi SPA

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18 Apr 2017

Milan, 18 April, 2017 - Prysmian Group and Tratos, Italy’s number one manufacturer of fibre optic and copper telecom cables and energy and special cables, have signed a contract for the annual supply of Prysmian’s standard and special optical fibre to Tratos.The fibre will be manufactured at Prysmian’s FOS — Fibre Ottiche Sud plant in Battipaglia, which every year produces 9 of the approximately 35 million kilometres of fibre manufactured by the Group overall.

Tratos will use the fibre in its cables for the development of ultra-broadband and FTTH networks in Italy and abroad.

“This contract represents an important collaboration between the two major Italian firms producing passive telecommunications components,” explained Carlo Scarlata, Chief Commercial Officer at Prysmian Cavi e Sistemi Italia.“This is a way for Italy to show that it can act independently in building the infrastructure needed to achieve the European goals.”

Albano Bragagni, Chairman of Tratos, continued:“The agreement between our company and Prysmian Group is founded on a strong desire for an ongoing, long-term partnership, supported by the experience and mutual esteem built in the two companies’ more than 30-year relationship, with the aim of making a shared contribution to Italy’s digital development and growth.”

This agreement further emphasises that Italy has the expertise and production capacity to develop broadband telecommunications network projects and shows how Italy’s technological capacities are fundamental to the development and increased competitiveness of both Italy and the rest of Europe.