€250M investments for worldwide TLC facilities

€250M investments for worldwide TLC facilities

13 Jun 2017

Prysmian Group has inaugurated today its new optical cable plant in Slatina, Romania, the largest of its kind in Europe. The new Slatina plant is part of a 3-year, €250 million investment plan aimed at improving the Group’s production capacity and capabilities worldwide, to meet the growing demand for optical cables for the deployment of new high-speed telecommunications networks.

These investments involve existing optical fibre and cable facilities in Italy, France, the Netherlands, North and South America, together with new plants like those in Slatina, Romania, Presov, Slovak Republic, and Durango, Mexico.

As a worldwide leading player in the industry, Prysmian is strongly committed to supporting Governments and Telecom operators in developing new broadband networks by continuing to invest in optical fibre and cable capacity, as well as in new technologies and know-how. The Group is involved in projects all over the world and is bringing the undisputed quality of its products, its experience and its commitment to innovation to all of its plants.

The new broadband networks will need to work at Gigabit speed, and this will be possible only if these networks are based on a high-quality, reliable and state-of-the-art infrastructure, which should be, from its construction, homogenous, high-performance, durable and adaptable, so as to be ready for the services of the future like 5G, smart cities, smart transportation, smart homes.This is Prysmian commitment in providing the best new broadband network solutions.

The digital transformation of society is happening now, therefore when developing strategic infrastructure like telecommunication networks, quality and reliability are critical. For that reason, Prysmian leads the way in research and development of optical fibre and the cables that carry it, and this investment plan is made to ensure that the Group remains at the forefront of technological innovation.