Prysmian to reconfirm its technology expertise standing with major presence at Jicable 2011, the leading forum on power insulated cables

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The showcased range will include P-laser the first high performance eco-sustainable medium voltage cable for power grids

20 Oct 2011

Prysmian to reconfirm its technology expertise standing with major presence at Jicable 2011, the leading forum on power insulated cables

Prysmian Cables & Systems will play a major role at Jicable 2011, the 8th international 4-year conference on insulated power cables, that will take place in Versailles - Paris - from June 19 to 23 (Palais des Congrès de Versailles).

Prysmian, as undisputed technology leader, boasts a long-standing tradition of presence of skilled experts and active participation in the Conference, with Laurent Tardif – CEO of Prysmian France - as President of Jicable. The Group will be present in the 2011 edition with several technical papers about an impressive number of state-of-the-art topics, such as: HV installation techniques, Electric and Magnetic fields, MV cable accessories, Fire Behaviour, Testing methods, Submarine Cable Systems, HV and EHV Cable Systems and Design. Among these, the stand-out will surely be “P-Laser: 10.000 km of installed cables based on a worldwide new technology”.

Jicable2011 comes, in fact, at a time of important developments for Prysmian’s leadership in the cable industry with the achievement of 10,000 km of P-Laser MV cables produced in the Italian plant located in Pignataro Maggiore (Naples). P-Laser is the first high performance eco-sustainable Medium Voltage cable for electrical grids. Manufactured using thermoplastic and fully recyclable materials, the solution is totally eco-friendly. It is characterized by an innovative production process and “zero-gas technology” that contribute to increase energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. P-Laser is the result of an in-depth R&D work, introducing a significant step forward in cable technology and design, providing enhanced performance and reliability and optimising supply chain processes.

In addition, as an outcome of the currently on-going merger, the new group resulting from the integration between Prysmian and Draka, both brands will be present at Jicable 2011, ensuring outstanding presence of the new worldwide leader in the cable industry.

These achievements again demonstrate Prysmian’s leading position and the validity of the Group’s know-how and technologies in the development of state-of-the art insulated power cable systems and the commitment to support the electrical industry worldwide. Among the various projects in which Prysmian has recently been involved are some of the largest, most strategic and technologically advanced developments such as Trans Bay Cable (USA), SA.PE.I. (Italy), Romulo (Spain), GCCIA (Saudi – Bahrain), Doha Bay Crossing (Qatar), Walney, Ormonde, Gunfleet Sands, Thanet and Greater Gabbard and Alpha Ventus offshore wind farms in the UK and in Germany. Recently, the group has been awarded of major contracts that set a number of milestones in the industry, such as the SylWin1, BorWin2 and HelWin1 projects (± 300 kV DC cable project using extruded technology).