Partnership with SDA Bocconi to create the Group’s Management School

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Prysmian Group Academy is one of the most innovative initiatives in Corporate Education.

Milan, Italy   -   26 Nov 2012

Prysmian signs partnership with SDA Bocconi to create its own Management School

Prysmian Group Academy is one of the most innovative initiatives in Corporate Education

Fabrizio Rutschmann, Senior VP Human Resources: As a public company, we must constantly invest in people if we want to grow

Global graduate recruitment program proceeds: after the first 30 recruits, selection starts for another 20 talents - 100 new recruits expected in a three-year period.>


Milan, 26 November 2012. Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, is one of the first major Italian companies to have created its own international school for management and professional training and education, including with the collaboration of such a highly regarded partner as SDA Bocconi School of Management.

We are a public company engaged every day in creating value for all our stakeholders - says Fabrizio Rutschmann, Human Resources and Organisation Director - and our people are the most valuable capital we have. This is why we need to invest in management and technical training, in recruiting young people and in fostering the talents that will be the company's future itself.

Prysmian Group Academy, the name of the Group's new Management School, is divided into two main streams that will involve many of the Group's managers and technicians from around the world: a School of Management, created in partnership with SDA Bocconi with the mission of strengthening leadership and management skills, and a Professional School, whose mission is to develop and consolidate know-how and technical skills, ensuring that these are passed on from more senior, experienced staff to younger ones.

Prysmian Group is an ideal partner for SDA Bocconi, for several reasons: – explains Markus Venzin, Professor of Global Strategy at SDA Bocconi - the classrooms are very international and Prysmian appreciates the variety of teaching methods we use - from case discussions, business simulations or project work to experiential learning exercises and distance learning. Furthermore, our faculty closely and successfully collaborates with guest speakers from Prysmian’s top management team which allows for mutual learning and inspiration.

The management training programs, developed in collaboration with SDA Bocconi, will serve as a first step towards obtaining an MBA and are organised according to the different target groups:

  • Post Graduate Program: a training program specially designed for recent graduates just joining the Prysmian Group that allows them to acquire the basics of business, products, processes and customers, combining this investment with a period of at least 2 years of working abroad.
  • International Leadership Program: a comprehensive and intensive program for talented resources with 5-7 years of experience, who are groomed to hold international leadership positions within the Prysmian Group.
  • Advanced Leadership Program: an ad-hoc program for middle and senior managers in order to assess and develop their managerial skills and ability and position them for fast-track career progression within the business.  

The professional training provided by the Academy is intended to support the development and spread of technical know-how and expertise on which the Group has built its market position, by focusing on four areas:

  • Research and Development: a technical training program, conducted by senior experts within the Group, to develop technical skills in the area of innovation and product development.
  • Operations and Production Management: aimed at Operations personnel who aspire to more managerial roles, by enhancing their expertise in the field of Production and Logistics.
  • Business Controlling: highly specialised courses that aim to develop know-how in Business Controlling, Finance and Sales.
  • Sales and Marketing: courses designed to consolidate and develop technical and commercial skills in the various business segments.

With the aim of selecting and training resources for the Group's future development, Prysmian has also launched a young graduate recruitment program called Build the Future. Thirty talents from around the world have already been selected and inducted in recent months, while the process of recruiting another twenty young graduates has just started (further information can be found on the website at

In general, the Prysmian Academy also helps to accelerate the integration process and to strengthen the Group's identity after the recent acquisition of Draka.