Prysmian Group focuses on the Smart Grid

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New technological solutions and products to develop smart sustainable electricity grids

05 Jul 2012

Prysmian Group focuses on the Smart Grid

Prysmian Group is focusing on the new Smart Grid business with the introduction of high-tech solutions and products for Utilities and grid operators.
Cables and network components are key to smart grid architecture, since they determine the grid's reliability and efficiency. This is why it is necessary to go beyond the traditional cable concept and provide innovative solutions that satisfy the new grid requirements in terms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Prysmian Group, an active partner of Utilities in realising connections for the world's most important energy production and distribution projects, has therefore developed a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art cables and solutions to make Smart Grids more reliable and efficient, by guaranteeing their proper operation in all conditions and circumstances and preventing possible blackouts, failures and damage to other network components. This in turn will help reduce maintenance costs and the risk of penalties for grid owners and operators.

In particular, Prysmian Group's products and solutions are divided into four different areas, depending on the solution proposed: risk prevention, smart maintenance, electrical load management and environmental impact. Solutions have been identified and developed for each area that can be applied to existing grids as well as integrated in future ones.

"In coming years we will see a radical change in the way that the global electricity system works, offering many benefits to all users in terms of efficiency, quality and security of supply," said Massimo Comina, Prysmian Group Power Distribution Business Director. " Cables and intelligent monitoring instruments are a key part of this modernisation process, by ensuring better use of electricity grids and greater environmental sustainability."