The Dragon turns Green: a key project for the Group in China

Recent inauguration of first IGCC power plant using MV and LV cables.

China   -   12 Feb 2013

The Dragon turns Green: a key project for the Group in China

Last December the Huaneng Group demonstrated its new Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant in Tianjin, the first of its kind in China. Prysmian Group has supplied Huaneng Group with 630 km of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage cables, accounting for about 70% of all the cables used in the new plant, with a value of more than CNY 27 million (about €3.2 million). All the cables comply with national standards for the A– class and with power station technical requirements.

IGCC is a technology that uses a gasifier to turn coal and other carbon-based fuels into gas, known as synthesis gas (syngas). It then removes impurities from the syngas before it is combusted. Some of these pollutants, such as sulphur, can be turned into re-usable by-products. This results in lower emissions of sulphur dioxide, particulates, and mercury. The plant is classified as ‘integrated’ because the syngas produced in the gasification process is used as fuel for the gas turbine in the combined cycle, while steam produced by the syngas coolers in the gasification process is used by the steam turbine in the combined cycle.

Luigi Migliorini, Prysmian Group CEO in China, says: “It’s an important project for us and for the country because it represents a great breakthrough in clean coal power generation technology. The IGCC power plant grid connection is therefore a key project for the Group in China.”

The project involves three phases, the first of which just completed with the successful connection to the grid. The second phase will start in the first half of 2013. Compared with similar international projects, Huaneng IGCC power station is anexcellent example of Chinese efficiency thanks to its fast construction speed, good quality and low cost. Furthermore, power generation is 6% to 8% more efficient than for a similar size conventional coal-fired power plant.