Valerio Battista: fibre networks key for the revamping of EU economy

Prysmian Group CEO attended the FTTH Council Conference in London discussing the hot topics and future developments of FTTH roll-out in Europe

London   -   22 Feb 2013

Valerio Battista: fibre networks key for the revamping of EU economy

Valerio Battista participated in the CEO Panel discussion at the FTTH Council Europe Conference on 21 February where he joined other industry leaders in discussing the hot topics of FTTH roll-out and presenting a strategic point of view on future developments in the European FTTH market. His presentation focused on the advantages of investing in an FTTH network in the current European environment, as a driving force to sustainable economic growth.

"In Prysmian Group we do not offer a standard solution for access networks, but we offer innovative cable solutions that provide the lowest cost of ownership to our customers. This requires a deep and focused understanding of our customers' needs, leveraging on our global capabilities in optical fibre and cable to tailor our network designs", he underlined during the discussion. "For this reason Prysmian Group is constantly working together with the network operators to develop easier to install, efficient and less costly fibre networks which will bring fast broadband closer to everyone, everywhere". He mentioned the Group's large experience gathered during the years in developing products and solutions for the most diverse customers' needs, from deployments for big Country's projects like the recent NBN in Australia, to projects like the one made with Free using the Paris sewers system, or the one with Jersey Telecom for which we provided also a very complex network design based on the customer's requirements. Mr. Battista underlined the need for a commitment from governments to incentivize industry and encourage operators to invest on new networks, while the industry should be able to provide solutions to deploy new fibre networks that can reach everyone, due to the fact that they are less costly and easy to install.

Prysmian Group played a major role as Gold Sponsor at the FTTH Conference, the world’s largest Fibre to the Home event, which gathered more than 3.000 delegates and represents the ideal venue for the Telecoms sector of Prysmian Group to present its innovative solutions for the FTTH markets. The company showed its latest range of products on its booth, focusing around the theme "From the Biggest Cities to the Smallest Communities" and emphasizing the company's leadership in innovation that addresses also new and developing needs of FTTH in less densely populated areas.

Products on display included among the others Prysmian's RetractaNetXS end-to-end integrated solution for cost-effective FTTH networks, a fast, flexible, user-friendly cable system that can be installed both underground and overhead, and which allows significant reductions in installation costs. Alessandro Pirri, Director Connectivity and FTTH at Prysmian Group, highlighted this solution in his presentation on Wednesday 20th February, when he talked on the subject of innovative solutions for FTTH deployments in rural, low population density locations, highlighting the importance of developing solutions with lower installation costs as operators and service providers turn their attention to these environments.

The Telecom Solutions business portfolio covers all areas of the market – including long distance, submarine and metro systems - although the area of greatest activity at present is within the "last mile" access networks for which Prysmian has developed the xsNet suite of products and systems which is also highly suitable for rural deployments of FTTx.

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