New customised cable solution for Barcelona Harbour

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The Group has supplied power and communication with a single Afumex Duo cable

Milan, Italy   -   04 Nov 2013

New customised cable solution for Barcelona Harbour

Prysmian Group Spain has developed a new customised cable solution for Barcelona Harbour, implementation of which has been led by The Barcelona Container Terminal (TCB), part of TCB Group, a global leader in the design and management of efficient container terminals.

The new 1000V cable solution in the AFUMEX DUO product range is a low voltage 0.6/1kV cable containing 4 optical fibres. It is ultra-flexible and allows power and communications to be supplied with a single cable thanks to four optical fibres and a tailor-made sheathing compound. It also allows the supply of unlimited bandwidth, providing a full range of digital services including voice, internet and video/TV.

Prysmian Group has worked on this project as part of a consortium comprising Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact and Cisco and headed by AIDIN, a technology infrastructure installer that developed the first prototype and patented the connecting solution. Miguel Valls, Commercial Director of AIDIN Infrastructures, says: “From the start of the project, Prysmian Spain’s R&D team has helped us find and provide TCB with a cable solution that could satisfy all electrical and connection requirements. It had to be easy to install, while meeting the required standards and delivered in the agreed timeframe. Not easy, but we’re really satisfied with the result, achieved thanks to a highly professional team.”

This patented cable solution will also be installed in Turkey, Brazil and other countries.