Trinité Plymouth: Prysmian747 wins again!

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Outstanding result for the second year in a row for Prysmian Group branded yacht

Milan, Italy   -   08 May 2013

Trinité Plymouth: Prysmian747 wins again!

Yesterday at 14.56, Prysmian 747, sailed by Giancarlo Pedote and Rémi Aubrun, was the first to cross the finish line of the Trinité Plymouth regatta.

This second edition of the Trinité Plymouth was a very technical race, not easy and very different to last year’s, won by the same crew. This year’s anti-cyclonic weather conditions dominated the race, slowing down sailing speeds and making currents even more important.

In these tough conditions, Pedote and Aubrun maintained the advantage, driven by slowly increasing winds to beat their rivals, including the Mecenat Chirurgie Prototype 709 and Louis-Marie Billot’s Chacahe 788.

On arrival in Plymouth, skipper Giancarlo Pedote proudly said: “We faced a lot of surprises in this regatta, but finally we made it!”

This is also an important win and great achievement for Prysmian, Giancarlo Pedote’s sponsor for many years.

Thanks to the result obtained in Trinité Plymouth regatta, Giancarlo is currently number 1 in the Class Mini world rankings, prototype class. At this link, you can find Class Mini webpage and the current standings.