Aldgate Tower safer with Prysmian cables

Over 50 km of Prysmian’s FP200 Gold and FP PLUS cables for the emergency building service systems of the new Aldgate Tower in London.

London, UK   -   11 Sep 2014

Aldgate Tower safer with Prysmian cables

FP200 Gold and FP PLUS cables for the emergency building service systems.


Over 50 kilometres of Prysmian’s FP200 Gold and FP PLUS have been installed as part of the emergency building service systems in East London’s Aldgate Tower, a state-of-the-art 317,000 square foot commercial quarter.

Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the steel frame structure relies on a central steel core and offers 16 stories of grade A office space. Due for completion at the end of June the tower provides panoramic views of the city of London.

Prysmian’s FP200 Gold ‘standard’ fire resistant cable and FP PLUS ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable have been specified and installed to facilitate the fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits within the building. With a high volume of people expected to use the building, it is imperative the safety measures are as effective and robust as possible.

Electrical contractors Firetex installed the cables into Aldgate Tower and company owner Andrej Rocko explained: “It’s the only cable we can trust 100%, I’ve used Prysmian since starting the business in 2008 and it’s never let us down. Prysmian was specified by the project engineers Protec for its technical performance. It is a sound choice as its unique dressable construction makes for easy installationas well as being a financially viable option.”

Prysmian’s FP range is the original, easy to install and fully compliant fire resistant cable range, approved by engineers, installers and regulators. In the unfortunate event of fire, Prysmian’s ‘standard’ and ‘enhanced’ cables can both retain vital circuit integrity allowing firefighters to manage the situation and occupants an increased chance of evacuating the building in safety.

Situated on the corner where Whitechapel High Street meets Leman Street, just a five minute walk from the heart of London, the building marks the beginning of the wider regeneration of the Aldgate area. Aldgate Tower is the heart of Tower Hamlet’s new public realm, one of the fastest developing areas in London and an exciting commercial destination.