Prysmian and Pedote won first leg of Les Sables Les Açores

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Giancarlo Pedote aboard his proto Prysmian ITA 747 finishes on the top step of the podium again.

Milan, Italy   -   27 Jul 2014

Prysmian and Pedote won first leg of Les Sables Les Açores

At 11h55m and 30s. Giancarlo crosses the finish line of the first leg of Les Sables Les Açores aboard his proto Prysmian ITA 747. And he finishes on the top step of the podium again.

Departed at 13:02 Sunday 20 off the legendary port of Les Sables d'Olonne, under a summer rain, the participants in the most important race of the year of the Mini 6.50 Class have started to head towards Horta, Faial island of the archipelago of the Azores.

A clement weather accompanied them through the Bay of Biscay to Cap Finisterre, who scored the definitive leadership of Giancarlo.

Came first from Finisterre, Giancarlo was in fact able to well interpret the data at its disposal and has gradually increased the gap from the rest of the fleet.

Past, as almost all of the fleet, to the west of the Spanish DST (regulated traffic sea area devoted primarily to commercial vessels, in which the rowers are not allowed to pass), Giancarlo has quickly moved away from the direct route preferring to go to the south, so as to better address the anticyclonic area that was installed off of the Portuguese Archipelago and simultaneously prepare itself for the approach to the islands.

On 22 July, at 22.30, Giancarlo has set the course record of 24h in this edition of the race: 252.76 miles in 24 hours traveled at an average of 10.5 knots.

The night between 24 and 25 was the slowest for the head of the fleet, but Giancarlo and Prysmian has not been arrested and continued to distance the group.

Friday 25 was a day characterized by strong winds and, around noon of the 26th, Giancarlo and Prysmian have reached the archipelago, passing the island of Santa Maria, the further east of the Azores.

The passage between the islands is always very delicate: the winds are unstable and you need to calculate the "shadow cone", ie those areas where the wind decreases because of the effect of the altitude of the islands often of volcanic origin. 

Giancarlo is passed to the south of Terceira, and then to the south of Pico just to avoid the shadow of the high volcano on the island (the winds were coming from the South West).

Giancarlo arrived under a really strong rain.

We remind you that the data available to the participating skippers in the regatta Class Mini 6:50 are weather reports received via shortwave radio, the barometer measurements and shapes of the clouds in the sky. The skippers, in fact, may not have contacts with the ground nor can use computers connected to the satellite to download weather data. 

Recall also that Les Sables Les Açores is the third test valid for the for the "Championnat de France Promotion Course au Large en Solitaire - Mini 6.50", organized by the Fédération Française de Voile in collaboration with the Class Mini French league annually crowns the two skippers (series category and category prototypes) that have achieved the best results in three major regattas. 

The tests valid for the league in 2014 are the Pornichet Select, the Trophy Marie-Agnès Péron (both already won by Giancarlo and Prysmian) and Les Sables-Les Sables-Les Açores.

It ispossible to see traces of the regatta and follow the arrival of the rest of the fleet on the maps contained in the official website accessed from this link.