Prysmian and Pedote win the tenth edition of Trophy Map

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1 day, 5 hours and 58 minutes were sufficient to give Giancarlo Pedote, skipper of Prysmian ITA 747, the fourth victory of the year.

Milan, Italy   -   13 Jun 2014

Prysmian and Pedote win the tenth edition of Trophy Map

1 day, 5 hours, 58 minutes were not enough to Giancarlo Pedote and Prysmian to beat the record marked last year, but were sufficient to give Giancarlo the fourth victory of the year.


During the first part of the race (the descent to the South), Giancarlo led the fleet in constant confrontation with Davy Beaudart.

After the passage of Birvideaux, around 4:00 in the morning, Giancarlo has opted for a route to the west, in order to manage better the result of the synoptic wind that has prevailed over the thermal breeze.

Even before departure, Giancarlo had declared that the ascent towards Chaussee de Sein would be crucial: "How to conduct the lift from Birvideaux to the Chaussee de Sein will be a very important choice to take. It will be necessary to understand the eventually presence of a thermal breeze".

Back at the dock, Giancarlo said of his choice, he paid especially since the passage of Penmarch: "I took a more western path because I realized that I was ahead of my schedule, and that consequently it was the right choice to do, to be able to catch the winds coming from the North."

Departing in a summer day (sun, wind announced between 5 and 20 knots, calm seas and good visibility), Giancarlo and other skippers had to deal not only with each other and with the uncertainty transitions of thermal winds, but also with the currents, which in these days and in these areas are determined by a coefficient of tide very high, close to one hundred.

In the transition to Raz de Sein, the most representative point affected by the current, Giancarlo and Prysmian had amassed a lead of about 5 miles.

Giancarlo and Prysmian ITA 747 arrived at 20:58, on a summer evening, but with a strong wind in the harbor, and were welcomed by the organization and the volunteers of the winch Club of Douarnenez.

Watch the video with the arrival of the first comments from this link (in Italian).

The Trophy MAP is the second test valid for the "Championnat de France Promotion Course au Large en Solitaire - Mini 6.50", organized by the Fédération Française de Voile in collaboration with the Class Mini French championship every year crowns the two skippers ( category series and category prototypes) that have achieved the best results in three major regattas. For 2014 the tests valid for the league are the Pornichet Select (already won by Giancarlo and Prysmian), the Trophy Marie-Agnès Péron and Les Sables-Les Sables-Les Açores.