Prescott plant awarded for HSE best practices

Protecting employees, property and the environment.

North America   -   31 Jul 2014

Prescott plant awarded for HSE best practices

Protecting employees, property and the environment


Prescott plant in Canada was recognized by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE) Eastern Ontario Chapter for “Outstanding Achievement” in protecting Employees, Property and the Environment.

Eric Yilmaz, Prescott Plant HSE Manager said: “In recent years we have worked hard to prevent accidents and educate people in the principles of sound health, safety and environmental practices while boosting controls through rules and applications."

Among the actions taken, plant management has introduced an Operator Proficiency System to ensure operators are thoroughly trained in job-specific tasks and able to demonstrate proficiency before beginning work.

“Furthermore – John Edwards, Prescott Plant Manager commented – we have enhanced our Behavioural Observation Surveys. Surveys are completed by management and team leaders on a daily basis and shared in production meetings. Findings are reflected on TPM boards as priority-to-do-items and followed up by the HSE Manager. All employees have access to the red tag system allowing them to highlight unsafe conditions or concerns. We also have a dedicated HSE steering committee to oversee and provide direction to the safety programme as part of our facility culture.”

Finally, we have strengthened our HSE-required-compliance through the Contractor Safety Programme, which provides contractor employees with the necessary skills and training in advance. The culmination of all these efforts and new systems has been the award from the CSSE.

Prescott is home to the Prysmian Group’s Canadian plant, which produces industrial and power cables to serve both the local and the North American markets and has more than 200 employees.