Prysmian Group is leading the way to safety. The CPR transition period will start on December 1<sup>st</sup> 2015

Milan   -   31 Jul 2015

CPR application date is set!

The CPR transition period will start on December 1st 2015

Prysmian Group is leading the way to safety and aims at facilitating its partners’ path towards implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The CPR ensures reliable information on construction products in relation to their performances by providing a common technical language and offering uniform assessment methods (Euroclasses).

These methods are compiled in harmonised technical specifications. This common technical language is to be applied by:

  • The manufacturers when declaring the performance of their products
  • The authorities of Member States when specifying requirements for them
  • Their users (architects, engineers, constructors ..) when choosing the products most suitable for their intended use in construction works.

Except for limited derogations, the CPR introduces a mandatory Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the CE marking on fire performance for cables used in EU construction works, necessary to place the products on the EU market.

The EU Commission has published on 10th July the EN 50575 in the Official Journal C226/49. The date of applicability of the standard as a harmonised standard is 1st December 2015, the date of the end of the co-existence period is 1st December 2016.

Prysmian is further intensifying its local CPR focus and activities to align to these dates. In particular, all affiliates are defining a road map for CE marked products compliancy, time-to-market and marketing strategies.

Through strong R&D activities, central project coordination and a multifunctional team for each country, Prysmian is fully committed to get the best out of CPR and to ensure a smooth transition in all countries for all the supply chain, from cable manufacturing to end users.