EXPO 2015 and Prysmian: a shared success

Successful partnership for the cabling of the exposition site and several strategic infrastructure facilities

Milan   -   13 Nov 2015

EXPO 2015 and Prysmian: a shared success

Milan EXPO 2015 was a great success. The event was attended by 21 million visitors in 184 days and involved the participation of 144 countries, representing 94% of the world’s population.

Prysmian Group contributed to this great event, supplying the cables used to wire the Exhibition Piastra — i.e., the site’s exhibition ground and its most important infrastructure— on which the facilities, pavilions, clusters and amenities of the Milan Universal Exposition were built. In particular, for this project the company supplied low environmental impact MV P-Laser cables for power distribution and LV Afumex cables with special performance in the event of a fire. Within the site, Prysmian supplied LV Afumex cables to be installed in the pavilions of China, Azerbaijan, the Principality of Monaco and Japan, the latter of which was judged to be among the best of the 2015 edition by BIE - Bureau International des Expositions, the international intergovernmental organisation that has the important task of setting the goals for expositions and regulating their selection, schedule and organisation.

In addition to the exposition site, the Group supplied special fire-safety, eco-friendly power distribution cables for the Isozaki Tower in Milan, and also provided low and medium voltage Afumex cables for installation along the new stretches of the motorway built to facilitate access to the EXPO.

In addition, Prysmian successfully completed in record time the installation of two high voltage (220kV) underground cable connections in the north-western area of Milan, for power transmission to the exposition area. The contract for the turnkey project was awarded by Terna Rete Italia in February 2015. The two cable connections were installed in time for the opening of EXPO 2015 in a high-intensity power consumption area of the city, crossed by an overhead line that was removed and replaced with an underground line as part of the project.

Hans Hoegstedt, CEO Italy, emphasised: “EXPO was an unprecedented success for Italy and we are proud to have contributed to it with our premium products and services. We put all of our technical and qualitative expertise at the service of our clients, once more confirming our Group’s market leadership.”