A new challenge for our skipper G. Pedote

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First Prize won in the Moth category of the Grand Prix Guyader,France

Milan   -   06 May 2016


Giancarlo Pedote has just made his debut in the International Moth Class (IMCA), arriving first in the Moth category of the Grand Prix Guyader, a famous French regatta held in the bay of Douarnenez for a wide class of boats.

After a 2014 Mini Class season full of victories aboard the revolutionary prototype Prysmian ITA 747 and a successful 2015 Multi50 season aboard the trimaran FenêtréA-Prysmian, a type of vessel never used before, Giancarlo Pedote has decided to experiment again with an even riskier choice: to leave the ocean to have a learning year aboard one of the most revolutionary craft, the foiling Moth, with Prysmian Group’s support.

The hydrofoil (or simply foil) is a thin appendage that can produce a vertical thrust and partially or completely lift the boat from the water. This can drastically reduce the surface area in contact with the water, resulting in a noticeable increase in speed.

«Prysmian Group strongly believes in the value of human capital and in the importance of investing in people, who are our most important asset» says Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate & Business Communications Director of Prysmian Group, which for the past eight years has been Pedote’s main sponsor. «We decided to accompany Giancarlo again in this new adventure because, for us, the development of talents is a key strategic factor, as demonstrated by the activities of the Prysmian Group Academy, the training centre created to develop the management skills and professional know-how of our employees. This year’s  sponsorship of Giancarlo allows us to show our stakeholders that we believe in the concept of research to grow and innovate.»

From more than 15 m2 to just over 2 m2, from over 4 tons weight, to only 30 kg: «There's no doubt about it: the concept of the foil is the sailing of tomorrow that starts today,» says Giancarlo Pedote. «The foil has entered the world of sailing, invading it everywhere, from the America's Cup to ocean races. Like it or not, the foil nowadays is a reality that cannot be ignored by a sailor who aspires to completeness. That's why I decided to invest in the knowledge of this new way of surfing by buying a foiling Moth and deciding together with my sponsor Prysmian Group to devote this year to learning this flying method of sailing».

He continues: «The Moth class has a very large and mixed group of competitors: there are those from Olympic classes, from solo ocean racing, and skippers of the America's Cup. All this creates a great mixture in a class where the standard is very high. As for me, this adventure is like stopping time to study something you can't do without: when you’ve a big goal you must prepare yourself and have the courage to leave what you do best ,» explains Pedote. «I’m aware of leaving the podium where fans are used to seeing me, but I think sometimes a shock is necessary to grow. It’s necessary to be able to look ahead and figure out when it's time to learn something new. It requires courage, but this has to be taken to become even stronger.»