G.Pedote and Moth European Championship: improvement is a must

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The Italian yachtsman sponsored by the Prysmian continues his training with the foil boat

Milan   -   30 Jun 2016

Giancarlo Pedote participated last week aboard the Prysmian 4171 for the first time in the Moth European Championship, an event organized in France by the Club of Bordeaux Voile Carcans Maubuisson. After 6 days of racing and 11 trials, Pedote came 60th out of 74 participants. He commented: “It's exciting, it's completely new and very different from everything I've done until now.

Pedote has decided to temporarily suspend open ocean sailing to start a new adventure that requires new knowledge, energy and resources: managing a foil instead of a boat. The foil is a thin appendage that can produce a vertical thrust and partially or completely lift the boat from the water. This can drastically reduce the surface area in contact with the water, resulting in a noticeable increase in speed.

Prysmian Group, which has sponsored Pedote for the last 8 years, has decided to support the yachtsman in this challenge too. In the next few days Pedote will return to Italy to start training on Lake Garda to improve his management of the Moth.