EU Ambassador David O’Sullivan visits Prysmian Group Lexington facility

EU Ambassador David O’Sullivan visits Prysmian Group Lexington facility

"We invest to support the development of TLC broadband networks"

North America   -   06 Nov 2017

European Union Ambassador, David O’Sullivan and U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson visited last week Prysmian Group North America in its headquarters as a part of Ambassador O’Sullivan’s official visit to South Carolina to discuss trade inside the European Union and experience firsthand business at work throughout the state.

"Today we had the great pleasure of sharing our growing work with Ambassador O’Sullivan and Congressman Joe Wilson"

said Hakan Ozmen, CEO Prysmian Group North America.

"Having lived and worked in several countries around the world, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact South Carolina has on the global economy and I look forward to continuing to work together to further innovation throughout our state"

Prysmian’s Lexington team showed Congressman Wilson and Ambassador O’Sullivan the impact of the work on a local, regional and global scale, along with a tour of the facility. 

"We had the opportunity to share who we are as a company and the strides we are making in the Energy and Telecom sectors," noted Ozmen, “including the renewable projects leading to the expansion of our Abbeville facility and the Telecom innovations and contract with Verizon leading to the Lexington expansion. In addition to these initiatives, we discussed the local workforce and highlighted our Make It, Sell It, and Graduate programs.


Prysmian Group is going to intensify investments throughout North America. There are 11 plants in this region currently serving the energy and telecoms sectors.

Here is a plan of on going Prysmian Group North America’s activities:

  • 5G and broadband networks

    In May 2017, Prysmian Group was awarded a three-year, $300 million contract with Verizon to facilitate the development of its 5G and broadband networks. Under this agreement, Prysmian Group will supply nearly 11 million miles of ribbon and loose tube cables


  • Lexington facility expansion and new jobs

    To support the Verizon agreement, Prysmian Group announced a $15 million expansion to its Lexington facility, which will create 30 new jobs over the next five years. Upon completion, the Lexington facility will be the largest producer of optical ribbon cable in the world for Prysmian Group.


  • Abbeville facility expansion for sustainable energy projects

    In July 2017, Prysmian Group began a $14 million expansion to its Abbeville, S.C., facility to support future sustainable energy projects for offshore windfarms.


In addition to making impactful strides in North America’s energy and telecom markets, Prysmian Group is pleased to continue investing in the recruitment and retention of top-tier talent in South Carolina and beyond.