Europacable hosted 2018 General Assembly

Europacable hosted 2018 General Assembly

The meeting was held in Brussels on 30 May 2018.

20 Jun 2018

Europacable hosted its 2018 General Assembly on 30 May 2018. The annual meeting of Europe's leading cable manufacturers saw the participation of over 80 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies.

Presentations featured ongoing work of all Europacable Teams with a specific focus on CPR implementation and the increasing need for Europacable to engage as an advocate for our industry calling for a fair and level playing field in the global context

General Assembly’s guest speakers outlined challenges and opportunities for the industry stemming either from technological progress or political developments.

Europacable President, Mr. Valerio Battista reemphasized the relevance of Europacable to serve as a single voice of European cable manufacturers in the Brussels arena. As he stated: “In these times, it is ever more important for our industry to speak with a single voice through Europacable. We have the opportunity to accompany the creation of Europe’s Energy and Digital Single Markets through our technologies and products. It is in this context that the work of Philippe Vanhille and Raul Gil through running respectively the Europacable Digital and Energy Teams is an important contribution to shape these future markets for our industry. In addition, there is growing concern of a non-level playing field and unfair competition in the global context. I call upon Europacable to express our concerns towards the European institutions. Concluding, I would like to thank Antonio Traversi for his efforts in raising the profile of environmental, health and safety issues through his leadership of Europacable HSE team over the past five years. Together with sustainability, these issues are becoming more and more relevant for our industry. I wish Sophie Barbeau the best of success in driving these topics forward as the new Chair of the Europacable HSE Team.”