Insight, the first issue of 2018 is now online

Insight, the first issue of 2018 is now online

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20 Apr 2018

In this issue of INSIGHT, we Focus On the General Cable merger agreement, which will result in combined sales of more than 11 billion euros and adjusted core earnings of about 930 million euros, thanks to high complementary geographical presence with major exposure increase in North America, along with expansion in Europe and Latin America.


In our Global Scenario section, we’ll discuss Industry 4.0, and the unprecedented transformational opportunities it may offer manufacturers. We’ll also discover how Prysmian plants will become more efficient as well as more sustainable, optimising production and processes while leveraging human expertise and increasing quality.


In Market & Trends, we’ll discuss whether or not the global Oil & Gas industry is out of the woods as the recovery in prices gives investors confidence to revisit project plans to compensate for the lack of sanctioning in recent years; while in Tracking The Future, we’ll look at the latest digital revolution offerings to come out of the Las Vegas CES and FTTH Council Conference.


In Doing Business, we’ll tell you all about Prysmian’s recent work in Abu Dhabi, where the Group cabled the iconic Louvre Museum with 500 km of enhanced fire-resistant cables to ensure maximum safety to visitors and protection to priceless art works. In the same issue, we’ll report on the strategic power grid connection in Bahrain, the Philippines, and in Italy – where we connected the Isle of Capri to the mainland, while exploring the new frontier of floating offshore wind generation in the North Sea.


In Getting Things Done, we report that the European Investment Bank is supporting Research & Development at Prysmian with 110 million euros of financing, allowing the Group to boost innovation in the areas of ultra-fast telecom networks and smarter, more sustainable power grids.


Last but not least, People. Attracting talented recruits, thanks to our recruiting programs: Make It and Sell It.


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