Leadership Change in Europacable Technical Transmission Team

Leadership Change in Europacable Technical Transmission Team

Categories: Power Grids

Luigi Colla, Head of AC Submarine Systems Engineering at Prysmian Group, takes over the chair of the Europacable Energy Team from Ernesto Zaccone.

20 Feb 2018

Please see below´s message from Valerio Battista, Europacable President:


“On behalf of Europacable, I would like to express our profound gratitude to Ernesto Zaccone. His unrivalled expertise, his ability to translate technical complexities into messages suited for the political environment and not least his kindness and humor have made him a key pillar for Europacable over the past 15 years.”


The most outstanding achievement of Mr. Zaccone has been his lead to prepare the first Europacable – ENTSO-E Joint Paper on partial undergrounding published in 2011. But this is only the visible success: Mr. Zaccone´s relentless support notably to the Europacable UMP Team and his dedicated leadership of the Europacable Technical Transmission Team in times of ever more scarce resources in our industry are outstanding. On behalf of Europacable, I wish him well for the next phase in his life


Dr. Colla is taking over the task of leading and managing the technical aspects of our energy cable business. I wish him all the success he needs for this important task.”