Leadership Model Roadshow: Central East Europe

Leadership Model Roadshow: Central East Europe

Categories: Corporate

15 Apr 2019

On February 12th, the 1st and 2nd lines of Leadership of the Central Eastern Europe Region got together in Berlin to learn about the behaviors that make up our new Leadership Model.

The day was dedicated to sharing key actions that need to be reinforced into the day-to-day life of our workforce to make a difference. Managers recognized the value of defining key behaviors to successfully integrate into one company. Our values are inspirational, and our leadership principles are the way through our success.

During this session, Managers also learned how our new standards impact our Performance and Talent Management Systems and how they can make a difference into our future by guiding our team members. Managers were involved in discussions about how to effectively evaluate the performance of their direct reports based on ability to achieve results.


“Values of our New Leadership Model have much in common with values in our personal lives. This makes it natural to follow. Leadership Model Workshop in CEE was a great platform of diversity, exchange of experiences and inspiration for good preparation for P3/P4.”

Said Beata Wojtera, KAM and Product Manager Telecom CEE.

The group of attendees, committed to spread the message amongst their teams and showed a strong interest to focus on “Valuing Diversity” by setting targets that directly impact the balance of gender, culture and age diversity inside the company.

The engagement of the senior leaders has been crucial to reinforce the importance of a value based leadership model, the CEO of the CEE Region, Frederick Persson, after sharing a general picture of the Region and of the business, played a key role in underlining the importance of being managers inspired by drive, trust and simplicity, as well as the value of working together.