Leadership Model Roadshow: LATAM

Leadership Model Roadshow: LATAM

Categories: Corporate

01 Apr 2019

On February 25th we marked an important date in Latin America when the Leadership team of the region has met to be introduced to the New Leadership Model that clearly defines the behaviors that will make a difference in the future of Prysmian after the integration.

The group of managers all agreed that the key principles presented in the session is the crucial framework that will mark a before and after in the history of Prysmian. The description of the behaviors based on values brought clarity to the leaders who wanted to know through concrete examples what are the skills and important competences to develop in their teams.

The group's conversation was rich in anticipating how the challenges of the coming months will be great opportunities where it is important that we lead our team members to act coherently and aligned with the values of our new company to deliver outstanding results.

“It has been a great day, dedicated to our people, our values, our culture and our DNA. It is a clear call to action for each of us...we all, as managers and leaders, have now all the information to play a proactive role”

as stated by Juan Mogollon, CEO LATAM.