Leadership Model Roadshow: North Europe

Leadership Model Roadshow: North Europe

Categories: Corporate

08 Apr 2019

On the 14th of February, the Leadership Team in North Europe gathered in Amsterdam to be introduced to the new Leadership Model in an engaging learning session. Participants showed enthusiasm in working in groups discussing key aspects of performance management and talent development with the key objective of understanding how the new Leadership Principles will impact our performance and talent management system.

At the end of the conference everyone agreed that the Leadership Model is the guidance to our inspirational values - “Drive, Trust, Simplicity” – three values that will be embedded into each employee’s work routine.

It is essential for the Company to have Values but what is also important is to understand how we can bring Values to our daily life. The Leadership Model deployed in 6 leadership principles gave us a chance to see the practical application of our new Values through P3/P4 processes. During the workshop, we got clear understanding of the model and also got tools how to pass main ideas to our employees. Now we have a challenging task to bring our Values, Leadership Model to each factory, to each office and to each employee

stated Maria Malysheva, HR Manager Russia.


The workshop was highly appreciated by the participants, because they felt the session gave the opportunity to reflect, take ownership and get more clarity on the behaviors that will lead our future.

New Performance Matrix was welcomed with applause!