Leadership Model Roadshow: OSEA

Leadership Model Roadshow: OSEA

Categories: Corporate

06 May 2019

On the 26th of February, in Cebu a handful of managers from the region gathered with senior leaders from the OSEA region to be officially introduced to our New Leadership Model and simultaneously celebrate the opening of a new Regional Prysmian Group Academy in OSEA. The session was a positive one engaging people in the Asia Pacific region in discussions about the Group’s key principles and behaviors defined to lead the business to ensure our future success after the GC integration.  

Enthusiasm was high and questions were aplenty: the managers and OSEA senior management team, being the first to explore the Model and subsequently responsible for expounding it to the rest of the region, were eager to get to the detail of the governing Drive, Trust, and Simplicity values and their role in the new organization as leaders.

After the opening session in Cebu, the New Leadership Model training was extended to managers who joined in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore.



“I see that participants have understood how this model impacts our work environment and the quality of the work we deliver as individuals, sharing this model at all levels in the company increases our knowledge on our new values and guides our actions towards our professional growth.”

Said Nauvalia Octora, HR Manager for Indonesia, assessing the opinions of our Indonesian managers on the course.