Leadership Model Roadshow: South Europe

Leadership Model Roadshow: South Europe

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Milan, Italy   -   29 Apr 2019

The passed 18th of February in Montereau, France the South Europe Region Leadership Team got together to be presented to the New Prysmian Group Leadership Model. This event marked the first manager workshop within the region.

All participants were engaged from the start sharing outstanding energy in all group discussions and activities. All leaders agreed on the importance to take a strong commitment with the New Leadership Model and Principles, sponsoring the new behaviors and communicating clearly why they are important to our teams.

During March, another 14 workshops were delivered within the region; over 300 managers coming from plants and head offices were actively involved, feedback was rich coming from them on how we will share the future by role modeling behaviors founded in our new set of values. Drive, Trust and Simplicity will lead the way through our leadership principles.

This event of training and sharing represents a step ahead in our fantastic and exiting journey of integration of both General Cable and Prysmian Group organizations.

Florence Yvan-Moueza, South Europe HR Director shared:


“A New Leadership Model and strong commitment from all of our teams are key in the Integration Process. DRIVE, TRUST & SIMPLICITY are values that have been COMMONLY defined through our employees to create one new culture. The training workshops were a success, as will be the transition from aspirational values to undeniable ones!”