Leadership Model Roadshow: Turkey

Leadership Model Roadshow: Turkey

Categories: Corporate

13 May 2019

Last 14th of February in Turkey, we launched and completed in March the “New Values and Leadership Model” trainings within total of 7 sessions between at our Mudanya and İstanbul locations with contribution of all our managers.

After the training with our first line management, we could confirm that our new values and leadership model were easy to grasp and immediately added value to our calibration discussions. Managers at all levels of the organization showed their enthusiasm for being able to evaluate and be evaluated with a more clear and open approach coming from the new model.

It was a great experience not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of emotions and teambuilding. Prysmian is made of people, people who drive the growth of other people in the organization.

We have seen that a process shared in an open and transparent manner with all levels of the organization is creating a common language. All employees are excited about, as they are adopting the principles to align their individual development plans.



Our new values have already started to create a positive impact on our employees through the adoption of the key leadership principles. I believe the new behaviours ​​will carry us even further on our journey of success.” says Aysun Kalmık, HR Director Turkey regarding the positive impression of “New Values and Leadership Model” on all our employees from all levels.

The new values and new leadership model has given us another opportunity to get more clarity on the company we want to be and the role we can play as leaders.