Leadership Model Roadshow: UK

Leadership Model Roadshow: UK

Categories: Corporate

Milan, Italy   -   20 May 2019

On 19th of February, the UK Management Team attended the first training session to learn about the new leadership model launched by the Group for 2019.  The training, delivered by a pragmatic and trusted trainer, was interesting and engaging and generated much discussion and positive feedback. The team paid particular attention to the six leadership principles and the new HOW goals enabling a greater understanding of the link between the new values of Drive, Simplicity and Trust, and the continued success of our people and business. Further sessions took place during March to prepare our management teams for thoughtful performance discussions and management.

In general the managers appreciated the opportunity to attend the training and were enthusiastic about the new values, particularly that of Simplicity as today we are working in what is viewed as an increasingly complex environment.  Emphasis was made on the point that these values are inspirational and as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Much debate ensued regarding the value of Trust at all levels of the organisation and ways in which this would become part of the day to day working. All agreed that as Prysmian employees, Drive is a key attribute for success.

Although the official training sessions have concluded, learning and understanding of the new leadership model will continue as we adopt the values on a daily basis, integrating them into all our Prysmian activities.

The new Leadership Behaviours are now the goals to look forward but we Trust our people to maintain the Drive to become competent through practice in their execution of this model until it becomes Simplicity itself.” Said Joanne Salathiel, Human Resources Director UK.