Let's celebrate the first anniversary of the General Cable Integration. Together! A year after

Let's celebrate the first anniversary of the General Cable Integration. Together! A year after "Day 1" we are more united

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Time to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the General Cable Integration.

Milan, Italy   -   12 Jun 2019

We all remember rolling up our sleeves and the excitement of preparing for the official announcement, the first integrated communication campaign dedicated to people all around the world. Next came the first get-together event at headquarters in Milan, and the thrill of welcoming our new colleagues from General Cable.

Today, one year later, we can look back and say it has been a year full of shared achievement, new projects, great opportunities and challenges. A year not without complexity and difficult moments that we nonetheless faced together, giving shape to the integration at full speed and creating a new shared culture and values for our people.

As a leader of the global cable industry with over €11.5 billion in sales, in 112 plants and the most innovative technologies developed in 25 R&D centers, the Group can count on a highly diverse multicultural environment of about 29,000 people. Our CEO Valerio Battista says “people are the company’s most important asset".

Many new projects have been developed as One Company. We have launched new ways to empower our second Home Region in North America. Our brand is even stronger thanks to the great opportunities in LATAM, in Southern Europe and in general all the Regions, because of the constant commitment of our Business Units and the technological capabilities that are enabling innovation and our 360-degree digital transformation.

In the Telecom BU we are accelerating our efforts towards Innovative products and solutions for 5G technologies and an ever-more connected and smart society.

In the Energy BU, thanks to the relentless focus on customer needs and leveraging the respective excellences of our two legacies, we have been able to minimize the business leakage on the overlapping markets and at the same time enhance cross-selling opportunities.

Even in the Projects world, we have many challenges to face but also numerous work sites up and running thanks to the best practices brought by NSW which helped us win important awards in the submarine market.

Not to mention our significant investments in the Offshore Wind Farm market; the new vessel that will soon become a reality; the suspense and excitement of the Vendée Globe sailing race and all the other superhuman efforts we make every day to generate profits in a sustainable and safe way with attention to social responsibility.

Thanks to the merger, we are now the industry leader, with the mission to bring innovation in energy and communication needs of our communities,” says Srini Siripurapu, EVP and Chief R&D Officer Prysmian Group.


The Integration is a complex journey that requires commitment from all employees. Our cultural journey started just after the merger agreement, and aims to combine the best traits of both Prysmian Group and General Cable, as well as to create a definition for the new organization.

We have worked together to foster a new corporate culture that combines our two worlds, to make this merger successful.  Culture as the glue of our organization through a new set of values: Drive, Trust, Simplicity. We base every activity on these pillars, since our strategy itself is value-based.  We have built a more inclusive, united and strong community of talents valued for their daily contribution to the success and growth of the Company. “We have one of the most precious and valuable assets in the market: we have OUR people. After the campaign "Prysmian is made of People", I can say that we are going to launch the new integrated Intranet 2.0 tailored around us,” says Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief HR Officer Prysmian Group.


People are and will always be at the center of our company, in their uniqueness. Because we believe in the potential of people and that everyone can make a difference, just as we did one year ago. We will continue to do so.  And move forward together, thanks to the skills and passion of all of us.

So let’s celebrate “One year from Day 1” together. Happy anniversary!