Prysmian cables to produce energy in icy conditions

Prysmian cables to produce energy in icy conditions

Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm inaugurated

North Europe   -   24 Oct 2017

Suomen Hyötytuuli, a Finnish company inaugurated The Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm, the world’s first one designed for producing energy in icy condition. This farm is located in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland and will be active soon.

First turbine was installed in 2010 when the pilot project was launched. Ten additional turbines were installed during 2015-2017, over the final design period.  

Since the final take-over, that took place ahead of a schedule, Suomen Hyötytuuli company and its partners have increased significantly their knowledge and new skills earned on offshore wind power. They are now able to produce energy on an industrial scale.


The cable, supplied by Prysmian Group, was manufactured in the Finnish plant of Pikkala, in one of the Group's centres of excellence for high voltage cable production with HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) technology.


“We are very proud of this collaboration. We succeeded thanks to a strong collaboration with our customer, who trusted us and our solutions. As Prysmian Group, we supplied approximately 14 kilometres of 30 kV submarine cable, which has been installed on the seabed”

Olli Anttonen, HV Director Prysmian Group North Europe


This cable allows the transmission of large amounts of energy over long distances. “Our plant in Finland supports major renewable energy development projects, especially in Northern Europe. This is a growing market segment, where Prysmian has been focusing on product innovation and new installation assets and capabilities”.


Prysmian Group has recently been awarded two important projects in this European region.
These are next company’s challenges:

  • Merkur offshore wind farm, Germany. Prysmian Group will be responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and supply of approximately 90km of 33kV submarine inter-array cables and the related accessories.

  • Horns Rev 3, Denmark, North Sea. The project consists in the design and supply of more than 100km of 33kV submarine inter-array cables with various cross sections to connect the 49 wind turbines off the Danish coast.