Prysmian Group CIO at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2017

Prysmian Group CIO at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2017

Categories: Innovation

Stefano Brandinali, Prysmian Group CIO, today at Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, the event on innovation and technology.

14 Nov 2017

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2017 is dedicated to Digital Transformation and provides an opportunity to meet an exciting panel of experts, learn about innovation and discover state-of-the-art digitalization solutions.

Stefano Brandinali, Prysmian Group CIO, was one of the today’s speakers and his speech focused on “Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation in an excellent manufacturing industry, explaining the need for defining an IT and digital strategy, redesigning organization and developing border innovations, which have been the pillars of Prysmian’s transformation policy.


The morning session saw the presentation of several industry stories and leading companies’ presentations that illustrate their most innovative projects intended to increase competitiveness in the Era of Experience. The afternoon will be dedicated to special sessions focusing on Industry 4.0 and state-of-the-art issues such as Digital Manufacturing, System Engineering, IoT and more.


As a prime example of innovative projects in the Digital Era, Stefano Brandinali presented the Fast Track Project, which represents a step forward in the implementation of the Prysmian Group’s Fast Forward Operations program aimed at creating smarter plants leveraging on the interaction between digital knowledge and human expertise.


The Fast Track project will be realized thanks to the partnership with Dassault Systèmes and will allow Prysmian to leverage on best-in-class applications for digital manufacturing operations management intended for the deployment of advanced IoT technologies, and Big Data analytics.