Prysmian Group now a member of RES4Med&Africa

Prysmian Group now a member of RES4Med&Africa

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Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has become a Supporter Member of RES4Med&Africa, Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and Africa.

Milan, Italy   -   10 May 2019

RES4Med&Africa promotes the deployment of renewable energy solutions in Southern-Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa countries to meet local energy needs for sustainable growth. Thanks to its network of international leaders coming from across the clean energy value chain, and by acting as a bridge facilitating the exchanges of ideas and expertise between members and partners from the emerging markets, RES4Med&Africa promotes the creation of an environment conducive to renewable energy investment and strategic partnerships.

Prysmian Group has always shared the same mission and consistently commits towards environmental responsibility in its production processes, environmental protection and the management of relations with the local communities where it operates, as well as advocating workplace health and safety and personnel development.

To pursue the common project of promoting renewable energy in the Southern Mediterranean and African countries through a sustainable and reliable economic strategy capable of meeting the growing energy demand, Prysmian has now joined RES4Med&Africa.

It is an honour for Prysmian Group to become a part of this important organisation,” stated Carlo Scarlata, CCO of Prysmian Italia. “It thus reasserts our strategic commitment towards growth in the areas reached by RES4Med. Thanks to our unrivalled range of solutions and production footprint in the cable industry, we are convinced that we will achieve our goals working together with RES4Med.

"I extend a very warm welcome to Prysmian Group, which has joined our organisation as a supporter member,” stated Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Med&Africa. "Another multinational group has joined us, highlighting the international positioning achieved by RES4Med&Africa over the years. We look forward to doing great things together.