Prysmian Group rewarded by BBS for transparency and sustainability

Prysmian Group rewarded by BBS for transparency and sustainability

A “special mention” for Prysmian Group’s social commitment on promoting disclosure information to its stakeholders.

29 Nov 2017

Prysmian Group was recently rewarded by Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale, Italy’s first and most important social reporting organisation, with a Special Mention for the company’s commitment in communicating and disseminating its values to its stakeholders.

The new "Special Mention" category arose from the desire, also following on from Legislative Decree No. 245/2016 requiring listed companies to disclose non-financial information to its stakeholders, to recognise the actions implemented by companies to promote the sustainability aspects managed and reported to the market with detail and attention to the underlying reputational value.

Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale, the first centre in Italy dedicated to corporate social reporting, rewards companies that document and qualify their actions in favour of transparency and sustainability. 

This year the award, which is now in its fourth year, continues to be divided into two categories: companies with more than 500 employees and companies with less than 500 that believe strongly in sustainability.

Prysmian was rewarded for its work on sustainability and engagement of Group stakeholders, an activity that also takes place through the annual multi stakeholder engagement event, which, now in its fourth year, is to be held in Holland.

Last year, the Group was awarded by BBS for its reputational value, recognised as an expression of sustainable governance within the company’s core business.

The finalist companies this year include Enel, Costa Crociere, Saipem, BNP and Barilla.

"For us sustainability is central and forms part of our business strategies. Our researchers are constantly searching for advanced, innovative and sustainable technological solutions. One such example consists of the new 660kV and 700kV cable solutions that make use of HVDC technology, which provide up to 15% greater network reliability, and the P-Laser, which allows for the manufacture of recyclable and environmentally sustainable cables to be produced." emphasised Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate & Business Communication Director Prysmian Group.

"At Group level we have set up a sustainability governance system and allocated to the Sustainability Committee, formed within the company’s Remuneration and Appointments Committee, the task of monitoring and supervising all Sustainability activities. Recently, the Group has also prepared a Sustainability plan with objectives, targets and qualitative and quantitative KPIs inspired directly by the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030."