Prysmian has been recognized as “Essential Costa Rica”

Prysmian has been recognized as “Essential Costa Rica”


24 Jan 2019

On January 9th, Prysmian Central America and Caribbean, located in Costa Rica, was licensed by Procomer (national institution in charge of promoting Costa Rican exported goods and services throughout the world) to use the country brand: "essential COSTA RICA", since this unit's processes and services meets and exceeds the criteria that identify this differentiating brand: excellence, innovation, sustainability, social progress and Costa Rican origin.


With this award, Prysmian Group of Central America and Caribbean, is committed locally and internationally to keep and improve the high standards that characterize copper and aluminum wires and cables manufacturing -  the service that provides through its commercialization, in order to meet the current and future business's and market’s needs.


Prysmian Central America and Caribbean has connected the Region development for more than 47 years and it will continue for many more to come.


Prysmian Group is essential COSTA RICA.