Quality, a question of trust

Quality, a question of trust

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Prysmian Group celebrates the World Wide Quality Day 2018

08 Nov 2018

Quality plays a central role at all levels in our job as well as in our lives. Every year a day is set aside at worldwide level to increase the awareness of the value of Quality and to think about the role each of us can play to increase it.

This year the World Quality Day celebrates the importance of Trust within an organization and everybody’s contribution to its growth and maintenance.

Gaining the Trust of stakeholders does not happen overnight. Trust takes time to be built, hard work and perseverance to secure a strong competitive advantage. And just a moment to vanish. Every incorrect decision an organization or individual makes has the potential to shatter this trust. If managed incorrectly, it can be lost within seconds and our brand reputation can be irreversibly damaged. And then we need to build it again. So strong, so brittle.

We Trust someone when we know she or he will act in our best interest, as if in our shoes. And when Trust is finally gained, this link will drive exponential returns in any personal or professional relationship.

As a leading Company with a strong Quality focus, we need Trust at all levels. We need to build and cultivate Trust with our Suppliers, establishing strong bidirectional communication channels involving technical and non-technical functions. We need to Trust and being trusted by our colleagues, building and maintaining meaningful network connections across organizational boundaries. Finally, we must make sure that our Customers trust us, walking the talk and focusing on giving them long lasting solutions.

Simple to say, hard to put into practice? For sure it is not an easy game, but it is also something within everybody’s reach. Start by being a trustworthy person. Do not over promise, admit mistakes and follow up on others’ expectations. Communicating openly and always considering others’ viewpoints will trigger a solid positive reaction, and delivering excellence consistently will set you as a trusted individual. Ultimately, a Company of trusted people will set the highest possible quality standards in the world.

Therefore, let's celebrate the World Wide Quality Day 2018 in your function or team, and make our Company even more successful!

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