Webranking Europe: Prysmian Group in the TOP 20

Webranking Europe: Prysmian Group in the TOP 20

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The 21st edition of Webranking Europe ranked Prysmian Group's corporate website in the Top 20 among 500 Europe’s largest listed companies.

22 Feb 2018

The results of the 21st edition of Webranking Europe have been published on L’Economia, a weekly magazine of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera. The research conducted by Lundquist ranks the websites of Europe’s largest listed companies in terms of Digital Corporate Communications. The 21st annual edition of the ranking evaluated the 500 largest European companies by market capitalisation. With a score of 72.7 points out of 100, Prysmian entered the Webranking by Comprend in 20th place. In the ranking, Prysmian Group is the 1st Italian company in the Industrial Good & Services sector.

This year’s research focused on three key themes: transformation of the business-stakeholder relationship, the growing importance of accountability and ESG communications and the challenge to stand out in the digital age.

The research evaluated the ability of the largest European listed companies to meet the growing expectations of stakeholders — rigorously tracked trough annual surveys — in terms of transparency of corporate communication and storytelling through digital channels.

This highly influential ranking, conducted by the Swedish firm Comprend in collaboration with the Italian company Lundquist, placed Prysmian Group ahead of companies like Luxottica (35th), Enel (55th), ABB (89th), Saipem (183rd), FCA (199th), and Schneider Electric (234th).

Prysmian Group’s digital strategy mainly focuses on storytelling: the companies that are best able to attract investors and job seekers are typically those that are strong communicators who know how to effectively narrate their message, matching visual and textual content to facilitate the message’s reception. This year’s ranking shows that Prysmian is one of the few companies that does this well. Its Side by Side campaign shows an innovative approach to employer branding by featuring its employees speaking on the Company’s approach to diversity.

Prysmian Group achieved good results also in the 2017 Webranking of the largest Italian listed companies, which assesses the Italian companies’ ability to meet stakeholders’ growing expectations in terms of transparency and dialogue through digital channels. Prysmian Group ranked 10th among 112 Italian companies. 

According to Lorenzo Caruso, Prysmian Group Corporate & Business Communications Director: “The Group succeeded in achieving such great results thanks to its efficient and exhaustive approach to communications, and the distinctive way in which it presents content, integrating it across websites and social media channels.”


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