Prysmian cables for Italy’s largest port

Prysmian cables for Italy’s largest port

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MV cables for expanding facilities of the Port of Genoa

14 Sep 2017

Prysmian Group has recently completed the supply of Medium Voltage cables to be used for the expansion of the Dry Dock Area in the Port of Genoa.

Prysmian supplied about 35km of 12/20kV MV cables, of which a first tranche in aluminium and a second one consisting of an optical fibre submarine cable with galvanised steel wire armour. The cables were produced in the Pignataro and Merlino plants and were customised to meet customer specifications. The aluminium cables were used to supply eight transformer cabinets (Supply of Basins 1-2-3-4-5, Grazie/Boccardo Quay, Ship Repair Dock and Oarn Dock), whilst the submarine cable was used to provide the 60Hz supply to the cabinet of the ship repair area from the 45FV cabinet. The submarine installation allowed removing a cabinet from the conversion area at the Ship Repair Dock. The supply contract was signed with the contractor S.I.C.I. S.r.l., an Italian company operating in the infrastructure and service sector through the distributor and Prysmian’s partner Majorano S.p.A.

Maurizio Ciantra, Trade&Installers Sales Manager Prysmian Italy, commented:

"For Prysmian Italia, this project marked a great result in terms of collaboration between our Engineering offices and our production plants. In fact, we worked with the customer to define the final specifications and requirements of the Prysmian cables. After the cable customisation, which required a special consultancy process, our company successfully signed the contract, confirming its role as market leader."

The Port of Genoa (acronym: GOA) is the largest Italian port: it extends over 700hm² of land space and 500hm² of water surface, features 22km of docks and a berth draft between eight and fifteen metres. It is the first one in the country for the number of shipping lines and final destination container handling, and the most significant as far as employment is concerned (more than ten thousand direct employees, about thirty thousand considering satellite industries). In addition, the company Società Ente Bacini was created to manage dry docks and is able to accommodate ships up to 270m long and weighing 100,000 tons. The facilities built up by the contractor S.I.C.I. S.r.l. represent a major upgrade of port equipment in the ship repair sector in the Port of Genoa.