The economy of reputation

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The award was made during a special ceremony at the Milan Stock Exchange.

09 Feb 2017

The economy of reputation

BBS (Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale), Italy’s most important social reporting organisation, has awarded Prysmian for its reputational value as an expression of sustainable governance within the company’s core business. The award was made during a special ceremony at the Milan Stock Exchange.

According to Mirta Barbeschi, founder of BBS, sustainable thinking is a predisposition to become pandemic if well structured. "Sustainability is free like taste, but applying it is another matter" she added. "I hope that it can be included in the Olympus of corporate strategies."

Two kinds of companies were allowed to take part in this competition: big companies, like our Group, and companies with up to 500 employees. Among the other winners, Costa Cruises and Kellogg, as well as EcoPneus, a small business committed to the recycling of worn-out tyres.

The event involved a presentation on how CSR had been achieved by the eight finalist companies (Alberti e Santi, Costa Cruises, Ecopneus, Kellogg, Inalca, Prysmian, Piaggio and Unipol). The audience then assigned the awards

According to Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate & Business Communication Director,

“Work on corporate reputation is becoming more and more important, because we live in an economy that rewards the ability to build ethically significant systems. At Prysmian, we have spent over ten years designing and developing our approach to CSR issues, which has meant linking them to all our operating and business activities. Sustainability is an issue that concerns both the company and stakeholders; it is a pervasive issue, which involves different functions within our Group and needs to become Prysmian’s everyday way of operation.”

In recent years, Prysmian has taken important steps towards making sustainability an ever more integral part of the Group's business activities. With this high purpose, Prysmian has formed a Sustainability Steering Committee, comprised of senior managers and responsible for overseeing the Group sustainability plan and actions, which mostly draw their inspiration from the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This Committee also supports the activities of the Board Committee responsible for sustainability matters.

Concrete actions have been already taken in several fields: just as an example, the Group has long been engaged in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, in helping Italian, Ecuadorian and Nepalese earthquake victims in collaboration with The Italian Red Cross and UNHCR, and in supporting cultural initiatives like the Milan Science Museum refurbishment.

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